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About Me

I've been shooting images of women for over thirty years and this is one of my current projects. This particular shoot emphasizes the strength and beauty of a woman's body with cold, hard steel and the look of a warrior. Mostly shot in the studio, the lighting is precisely controlled to highlight muscle tone as well as the curves of the female form.

I'm looking for models who enjoy being part of the collaborative process, both in planning the shoot and during the actual photo session. I'm not looking for any particular body type or look, but personality is quite important, so interviews before the shoot are important.

Shoot Description

Non-nude - The models will wear chain mail g-strings, chain mail bikini tops, and accent chains.

Nude - The models will wear a variety of accent chains, with or without chain mail bottoms.

The images will feature edged weapons and sorcerous items and elaborate sets.


This is a collaborative art project, so compensation is negotiable and priority will be given to TFP/CD, though there I do have a budget for some compensation for outstanding models who have the specific look I want and need.

Models with ethnic features are welcome to provide a variety of looks.
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